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I need some advice. I rented out a lot for a mobile home to a lady over a decade ago. Recently she passed away. Her granddaughter inherited the trailer. And she moved her sister in. (Without my permission) I have dealt with with both these women before. They do not pay and do not follow the lease. So the lease I had the original owner sign does not carry over to the granddaughter. And I have learned how difficult it is to evict a mobile home. Since the trailer is inherited to her but the lease is not in her name and she is undesirable and unwanted on my property. Could I label that as trespassing? Also could I evict the sister without evicting the mobile home since she is not the owner she is just the tenant?

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These are good questions. I haven't had to deal with this before. Without knowing how long the sister has been there, it is hard to say. I would think that you could consider them both trespassing if neither is on the lease. 

Does the lease or local law say anything about what happens when the tenant dies? 

I would look through state law as best you can, then maybe call the non-emergency police number regarding the trespassing. 

I am guessing you will end up having to do a proper eviction. I think that no matter what, paying an attorney some money to get this done properly will be worth it. 

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I agree. Get in touch with a realtor and get eviction papers ready. He might be able to guide you better after checking the lease papers.
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