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So my roommate decides in the middle of the month hes moving, he goes away for several days and sends me a text saying how he is afraid someone is going to take his things. So i do what i think is a good thing and add an extra lock on his door for his assurance. I work a five minute walk from the house so its nothing for him to come get the key.

He comes home and goes ballistic thinking im not going to let him have his stuff, threatening to go sue, then i have his friend a former legal aid talking about a breach of contract.
To which i promptly came home to remove the offending lock. By which time he had already stormed off, 5 minutes was too much time for him i guess.

Note this was a verbal agreement, month to month.
I was expecting him to pay the whole month, but now i just want him to disappear and forget about me.

Please tell me how much hot water am i in?

Vrigina here

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So you are his landlord? 

Sounds like you just need to tell him what happened and let him get his stuff. I don't think it can't really get to court without you having the opportunity to correct it, so I doubt this will go anywhere. Sounds like he's crazy and you should be thankful he's gone.

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Thats what i intend to do, how long do i wait till i can legualy pitch it?

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His property?

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What a hot head! I think you should just document what happened -- like your original post but just the facts -- and standby. I don't think you did anything wrong. 1. He told you he was moving out. 2. While away, he told he was worried about someone taking his property. 3. In response to that concern, you put an extra lock on his door and told him (I hope you told him, or maybe you were about to tell him when he came home). 4. He came home and wanted to access his property. 5. You appeared within X minutes and unlocked the door and removed the lock. 

Good riddance! He sounds paranoid. 

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