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Hello, I'm a landlord occupying one of my units. I have a roommate that has become intolerable to live with, cannot pay rent, and has given me reason to believe that he may act out violently or hurt himself. He is going through major depression and has been destructive and unbelievably negative. I am no longer comfortable living with him, and I've made the decision that he needs to leave. However, I'm extremely concerned that he may become violent or destructive when I provide him termination/eviction notice.

What recourse do I have to evict him. I need to have this done as quickly as possible since I own the building and occupy the same unit as him. I'm deeply concerned and I'm considering consulting with the local police in case he attempts to hurt me, himself, or damage the property.

Thank you

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Reaching out to a lawyer would probably be the best option. They can discuss the legal reasons for eviction as well as guide you to how to handle him moving forward (and he may tell you to discuss it with the police or have them there when you serve it, it depends). The unpaid rent is worthy of eviction, but that may go away the second he gets paid up, then what? You may need a restraining order, but you may not have good enough reason since you live with him and it doesn't sound like he has actually been violent or threatening to you yet. Definitely spend an hour with an attorney on this one.
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