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I've been renting from the same landlord for going on 4 years. The previous tenants never maintained the lawn, trees or shrubbery. All sorts of weeds were present and the sides of the house had no grass. I take pride in how the yard looks as well as the interior. I read in the lease it is my responsibility to maintain the yard. (In the current state?) I purchased St. Augustine sod for one side of the house and for the front of the house. And have a company who is scheduled for weekly mowing, quarterly fertilizing, weeding and trimming. One of my neighbors decided to spray an oil based weed killer on my lawn which completely killed the St. Augustine grass (they have Bermuda) None of my grass encroached over their property line. I told the landlord what happened and his response, "buy grass seed and spread it." Is this my responsibility? We also have an HOA who doesn't do anything. A couple of months ago there was a bad hail storm that tore the window screens and damaged the roof. To this day shingles continue to dislodge and fall into the yard any time a gust of wind touches them. Roof leak was present which made its way to the a/c vent and onto the second floor carpet.
He never checked for the presence of mold or moisture. Just hired a contractor to replace the missing shingles.

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Your landlord is responsible for the repairs due to the storm.  It sounds like you improved the lawn that was there and now it's back to the condition you received it (no grass).  I don't think you need to do anything to improve the lawn again but you definitely want the "before" pictures of the lawn to prove the condition it was in when you moved in.  Your landlord needs to fix the leak ASAP.  Don't pay the contractor to fix it.  Just get them to say the leak is due to the missing shingles.  Document it via an estimate if possible.  Send the estimate to your landlord and ask them to take care of it.
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Thank you for your responses. I did in fact meet with him several times to discuss the repair of the roof and inspection for mold. His reply? I don't want to pay the 3% deductible to replace the roof because it's supposed to last for 25 years. We've sustained more damage since the hailstorm 3/24/19 still have missing shingles and now shingle granules are present surrounding the entire outside of the house. He also refuses to tarp where the missing shingles are and said he'd like to wait until after the storm season ends. To make repairs. Not replace but, repair. I don't know what to do.

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Originally Posted by sandouglas
Okay! So it is not your responsibility to look into home inspection. Every state has different laws and you should go through them before hiring a professional for disaster inspection. As far as I know, Landlords are responsible for conducting disaster inspection. Post inspection, let him pay for the damage repairs.
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