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I am a fairly new landlord with a 1st floor elderly tenant(approx 78). I live on the second floor. She is neat, clean and for the most part, quiet. She likes to burn scented candles and it makes me a little nervous. May I not allow candles?  She seems to enjoy them and her daughters buy them for her.  I was thinking of mentioning it to one of the daughters.
 We have hard-wired smoke detectors in the hallways and each floor has a battery operated one.
I realize this is trivial compared to most of the problems here. I am grateful to have good tenants.

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since i am about to become a new landlord myself, i dont really know the answer. however, having realized lately  how hard it is to find good tenants, i would overlook the scent of the candle even though it is a nuisance.  

adam whitewater

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I guess I should have clarified that- it's not the scent but the fact that she sometimes falls asleep in the chair or her eyesight is not that good that worries me a little with the candles burning. She is still pretty sharp though.


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I had a LR fire from one of these candles burning unattended in a unit.  All of the walls & ceilings throughout the unit had to be repainted and the carpet needed replaced.  The damages were not covered by the deposit.  THank goodness no one was hurt.  Candles make me nervous too.  Many LLs disallow unattended open flames.  Some would argue that this may be viewed as religious discrimination.  (But I personally feel the safety aspect is what motivates these rules, not any discrimination on anyone's part.) 

An easy solution is to buy one of the candle "warmers" for your tenant as a Christmas gift (tax deductible).  They can place the glass candles on the warmer and the electric pad warms the candle enough to release the scent without a fire.  Mention to her daughters that you are buying her one for a gift since she is such a good tenant, and ask that they buy candles for her that work with it.  I see no problem with mentioning to family members that you are concerned for her safety if she were to forget about a burning candle.

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Tell her you saw a huge fire on the news and the candles make you nervous. There is nothing wrong with that. Get her a candle crock pot thing. I can't remember what they are called but they are like mini crock pots that plug in to the wall melt the candle with no fire. I'm nervous for you.

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