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As a landlord, if i leave a lawn ornament in the front lawn.  If, at the time the tenant moves out, the lawn ornament is missing.  can the tenant be charged?

the front lawn is visible and accessible to the neighborhood.  This rental is in NJ.


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No, you're gonna need some proof. If they were still your tenants at the time that the lawn ornament was stolen, and it states in the lease that the tenant is responsible for the property and all its components, then you may have something. But even then, you'd probably lose if you took them to court over it (and unless the ornament is worth a lot of money, it's probably not worth the trouble). It might be best to forget about the awn ornament and focus on the next batch of tenants.

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you are kind of stuck need proof it was the tenant...did someone see them take it...are there you know where they moved to (so you can drive by and see if it is there...
if yes to any,,,call the police for theft...then can get resturtution
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