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My tenants have not paid rent for this month, and the tenant just texted me and said she had someone come and test for mold and they said it was positive and that the sinks and cabinets needed to be replaced and that i needed to have someone come and professionally clean the house and i have 10days to get this done because i am required to provide a safe and healthy living environment. What are my rights as a landlord on this?

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Have someone professionally clean the house, as that is something we landlords must do. Once it's professionally cleaned and they're happy, I would start the countdown for the end of their lease. Did they come to you about the mold first? If not, then that's a clear sign that these guys have to go. Instead of going to their landlord with the problem first, they go to an outside agency to force your hand. I'm not saying they're wrong for wanting to get rid of the mold, but the way they went about it should tell you what kind of tenants they will be in the future.

P.S.: If they did tell you about the mold and you did nothing, then they were definitely in the right. Mold is a serious problem and can cost a landlord a huge amount of money if a tenant gets sick from it and can prove negligence. 
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