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My tenants want a mold inspection because they think the efflorescence from a leak years ago in the closet (that was fixed years ago) is mold. It is not mold (just never fixed it cause it's in the closet), already tested but they still insist. This is AFTER they have lived there for 5 months and oked the inspections. Can I just tell them we'll give them a "happy tenant clause" and just let them leave? I'd rather have them out. They have a complaint literally every month come rent time.

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I would.  Tell them what the damage is, that it has already been tested, and that you will not pay for further testing.  If the tenant is not happy n the unit, you will release them - given that they give you a 30 day written notice to vacate, pay the rent for the final month, and leave the property in good condition.

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For your home damage and black mold problem I just suggest you Los Angeles certified home inspector. I hope you can easily resolve your mold problem and get best inspection for it.

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