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Hi, I'm a landlord and I'm having problems with the renter. He's been fine for the first several months, but all of a sudden, he started complaining about neighbor downstairs being too loud, and mold problems in the apartment, and saying he's being sick due to the noise and mold. 

I've checked with the downstairs, and they have actually been absent for the past month or so due to family emergency. They actually complained about how the renter was loud at night. Now there are molds in bathroom/laundry room, and windows, but I don't think it's causing him sick. His more recent email says if the mold is the problem of his sickness, he needs to move. 

I think he's all of a sudden being very vocal about problems, making me suspect he just wants to find excuses to to terminate the lease. I am having someone to come in and look at the mold and do some remediation if necessary. My question is, if the mold is taken care of, does he still have right to terminate the lease? 

Thank you very much! Any help is appreciated! 

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Of course not.  What would be the reason?  Complaining about neighbors who aren't even there?  Fix the mold.  If he complains about noise, ask him for copies of the police reports.  No reports for noise disturbances?  No noise.  People are allowed to make reasonable noises in their own apartments during daytime hours.  If at night, he should be reporting the noise to the police. 


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sounds like a PROFESSIONAL TENANT - next accusation will be Harassment. How many months left on lease? have they paid rent on time? I had one tenant tell me their child was bitten by a brown recluse spider, they invaded the house. and whatever you do will be wrong. so make sure you keep documents of everything. I have a tenant right now starting to play this game, no water - pump not working - sent someone over the pump was fine just a loose plug, ok - they live next to me so they can hook up to my water anytime, it was suggested I replace the water tank, which will be done tomorrow, but they had another problem with the pump, tirns out someone turned off the valve,hmmmmmmmmmmm. now why would someone turn off the valve. Its a game, unfortunately. Mold is one of the most abused scare tactics used by tenants. schedule an inspection see for yourself.


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Not only schedule an inspection- but be prepared to find that the tenant may be the CAUSE of the mold-- running hot showers with out fan, drying lots of cloths on a rack, etc.   There has to be moisture coming from somewhere.  the "somewhere" determines if it is problem with the property (leaking roof, pipes etc) or tenant.   If it is  tenant caused- give them a notice to correct.


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I think you can hire a professional who can help you to inspect the degree of mold damage. Although some molds can be harmful, nut they are usually not as common as other species of molds.
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When removing mold, you should wear proper protective equipment, including rubber gloves, eye protection and a dust mask. You may also want to isolate the area by taping plastic sheeting to walls and ceiling to prevent the spread of dust and mold particles. Sensitive individuals should not be in the same or adjacent rooms during the work and may choose to leave the house until the mold is removed.
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To remain safe from excess mold-
Make sure other areas around your foundation are graded so that rainwater does not flow toward the house.  Do not put gardens or plants too close to your foundation so that watering them could cause water to flow toward your house. If you water your lawn with a sprinkler, make sure the water does not hit your house or the area next to the foundation.
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The key to controlling mold is to control moisture. Like other living things, molds need water and food. Controlling the food source is virtually impossible since mold can feed off most building materials and the tiniest of organic matter such as dust, dirt and debris. The best way to eliminate mold problems is to eliminate water problems.
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Molds are part of the natural environment.  It may begin growing indoors when mold spores land on surfaces that are wet.  There are many types of mold, and none of them will grow without water or moisture. It is the #1 cause of allergy symptoms which could lead to serious health concerns; respiratory illnesses or even death. Proper inspection, testing and removal are essential to ensure a healthier, happier existence for you and your family.

A mold inspection is when a person looks for mold growth in a building.  It is important to have inspection in your home to protect you and your family from the toxic diseases it will give. It is the most important first step in identifying a possible microbial contamination problem.  After that you might feel mold testing is warranted if you couldn't find any mold.


Find out more at Certified Mold Inspection

Certified Mold Inspection

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If a tenant starts talking mold issues, I'd check it out myself, but also let him terminate the lease at the first chance.  You don't need that medicolegal issue.
And after he's moved out, take care of any mold issues you have.  But get his butt out of there: Just more complaints to come.

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Yeah mod inspection is very important for every home. Even you can take help from good home inspection company. They will definitely provide you best mold problem solutions.

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