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My tenants signed a one year lease back on Sept 1, they are decent tenants and have been pestering me to go further to (Sept 2010) I keep telling them no, has anybody gone more than 1 year ?


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They want long term probably to try to keep the rent the same or so its harder for you to evict them.

Tell them you will do it but the rent will increase X dollars on X date then see what they say.

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Thanks RK, my thought was that they could start nit picking me for minor things that they might not do otherwise, and also now and before Sept 2010 I will be getting 4 tax bills (school and township) and 2 insurance bills, they could skyrocket and leave me hanging, so I may offer an extension with an increase of about 100 bucks and see what they say.


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I wouldn't offer a longer lease just yet.  They've only been there a couple months and haven't proved themselves as good tenants after that short of a time.  Tell them you will offer another year's lease when this one expires.  That will give you time to see what the tax bills will be and if they turn out to be good or bad tenants.

If they start complaining for small items they could do themselves (like changing light bulbs) tell them to do it themselves, or you will have to charge them for the service call.

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Nope never gone more than a year especially for the new tenants. We never know what will they be in the next few months if they will behave as good tenants or not. Just good to be sure that you are not bound to any longer contract with bad tenants.

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Applying for loan is indeed a great option. You can take loan and get your apartment built without any hassle.
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