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I actually had a good section 8 tenant who introduced me to the program.  However after the 2nd year I asked the section 8 caseworker for an rent increase.  Talk about a  bureaucracy...I was told to make this request this during the lease renewal process and that it was standard to grant an increase.  On the form I requested an increase in rent.  The caseworker basically ignored the request and the next check I received was for the original amount.  I called the caseworker who informed me that the next check would include the increase.  Of course, I fell for this one.  Lesson learned: Get everything in writing.  The next call found the caseworker out for Vacation and a week later he was transferred. I don't really recall how, but I ended up with some kind of "director" who claimed (in a rather rude manner) that I was already receiving "more than market value".  Now the letter writing began, I had to document other properties in my area receiving more rent including my second property which was also Section 8, smaller and received more rent.  The result was 5 months into the lease, I received an increase of around $10.00 a month and it wasn't even retroactive.  Meaning they stiffed me for $50.  I considered going back to the typewriter to get my $50 with yet another letter, but I reconsidered as I received my annual inspection notice that very week. 
I just thought I would share my experience, thanks for "listening".

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Thank you for sharing your experience. It's interesting to see how it's worked out for others since it may be something we may consider in the future.


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My advice is this.  Get a copy of the Section 8 Landlord Bible.  He's got some great advice in there on how to get the raises on properties.

He purchased a property from someone who already had a section 8 tenant and asked for a 5 percent raise in rent.  The rent was more than $100 less than he was getting on other properties that he already owned in the area.  section 8 refused and he evicted the tenant and fixed up the place and rerented it to back to the same tenant for his full asking price in the area.  The one thing he says is, "never give up on rent increases, as it's money out of your pocket".  or at least something to that effect.

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If you note in the lease that rent will increase and additional $25 per month for succeeding years will that do?   

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I have lots of tenants on section 8  in Oregon.
All I have to do is a 60 day notice. & be within reasonable rents.
My rents increases has always been approved without any hassles.

But I have had other issues with section 8

But I still accept section 8 tenants.



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In this area, they have actually denied increases and reduced rents when you ask for increases.  I have had case workers ignore written requests for increases, even when sent 60 days prior as required.  As with any government program, there is an amount of bureaucracy that you must work through.  I had more issues with the other problems with the tenants that you allude to than the case workers.  The case workers were just absent or ineffective.

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Hello there, I really like the information here. It is quite interesting & simple to understand. Thanks for sharing this. Keep it up!!

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It’s difficult to find educated folk on this topic, but you sound like you know very well what you’re speaking about! I am Grateful & Appreciate it!!

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This information is really helpful article. Thank you for such an informative piece.

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I'm a 40 year old black single man and I got my Housing Voucher in 1 month for a 2 bed room 2 and a half bathroom, and I been on Section 8 for six months now. I lost my home of 8 years and my 2 businesses. But once I get things going again I will get off of it. I kinda feel bad because its just me and you have tons of mothers with kids that's on waiting lists for 3 to 5 plus years or more. Should I feel bad because I'm Single ? I why do I feel this way? Some of you are wondering "how did he get a housing choice voucher in one month? I work in Alaska 2 months out the year during the fishing season, and since in 30 days you are a resident I can apply for whatever. There is basically no waiting list on these small Alaskan Islands. God is good . But I still feel bad. Now my younger brother got his in 2 weeks. Should I hold my head up high because I was homeless and got my voucher in a month? Or just basically be grateful and accept it. Although I'm very grateful (don't get me wrong) But you guys know what I mean. Its just I feel that I really don't need it over a single parent with kids.. sigh.

Posts: 445
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Doubt most of the single moms you are refering to want to move to the island in alaska you are at.  Forget about it and move on.  the housing is really meant for a bridge in cases like yours.  Glad you got assistance- good luck getting back on your feet

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I had My Housing Choice Voucher transferred back here to Atlanta Before the Salmon Fish Season was over. Its only 2 months of Seasonal work. Sorry for the confusion.

But i do recommend whoever Is on a waiting list to work in Alaska during the Salmon Season from July to End of Aug, 60 to upper 70 degree weather and have there voucher Transferred like i and others did. Guaranteed to Have it less than a month.

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I am disgusted by all the landlords on this forum who are trying to weasel around renting to a person or family with Sec 8.

I hope that those of you slumlords get to experience what it's like to have to be on this program..
(I am young and disabled) and all the illegal discrimination that goes with it.

I hope you all have cars big enough that your families can sleep in when your time comes too.

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I contacted the local Section 8 office to get on the program, and basically what I was told is that I would have to accept below-market rent in order to rent out my property to a Section 8 tenant.  For example, for a 4 bedroom single-family home, they would only pay $930 when market rent is $1100 (some can even get more than that but I don't overcharge).  So how is that fair to the landlord?

Posts: 23
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My experience with Section 8 tenants since becoming involved with apartment management.My boss has two kinds of section 8 tenants  those are a revolving door .

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