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Originally Posted by quilts
My advice is this.  Get a copy of the Section 8 Landlord Bible.  He's got some great advice in there on how to get the raises on properties.

He purchased a property from someone who already had a section 8 tenant and asked for a 5 percent raise in rent.  The rent was more than $100 less than he was getting on other properties that he already owned in the area.  section 8 refused and he evicted the tenant and fixed up the place and rerented it to back to the same tenant for his full asking price in the area.  The one thing he says is, "never give up on rent increases, as it's money out of your pocket".  or at least something to that effect.

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rent raises are very difficult to do with section 8.  They have a form that make you write down what improvements you made to justify the rent increase.  They will first consider it if your rent is "rent reasonable" i.e. a market rent.
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