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I was presently served papers to evict for caulking molding and baseboards.
I did notify my landlord of the weather stripping and the fact that the walls doors and windows were not insulated ..they did nothing to rectify the issuei moved in on the 5 of march it is now April So I caulked the air pockets through out the apt myself ..
My landlord VIA .text said if I cleaned up the mold and put place back like it was when I moved in she would give me my deposit back she's going back on her word ..and attempting to evict me

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the fact that the LL should of addressed the issue, you do not have the right to caulk.  I would never let any of my tenants to do that....first of all I do not know if they can do a good job. second some thing DO NOT EVER GET caulked..baseboards, etc.
they can charge you
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