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Does anyone have a good landlord lawyer in SF bay area for a landlord tenant small claim appeal case? Tenant claimed uninhabitable rental after they moved out due to water damage in the rental that the landlord was not aware until 2 weeks before the tenant moved out. Tenant asked the landlord to repair it after they move out when the landlord discovered the damage. Landlord did have contractor/handyman came and estimate the repair cost but didn't make the actual repair until the tenant moved out. The tenant asked to have their deposit back during the 30 day notice period when they still lived in the rental. When they didn't, they called city inspector and got the inspection report mainly related to the water damage 5 days before they actually moved out. The law says that the landlord has 35 days to make the repair from the day the notice is given. However, the temp judge in the small claim court ruled against the landlord.

A landlord lawyer referral is greatly appreciated!



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I recommend you call a few property management firms in your area and ask the name of the lawyer they use when needing to file an unlawful detainer action, or having a tenant dispute. Because such firms typically manage hundreds of properties they should have an experienced lawyer on their speed dial.

You don't want a hungry lawyer says he's familiar with landlord/tenant law, but really is just afraid to turn away business.

I recently found an experienced lawyer by this very process I am suggesting to you. I called four firms, and each of them readily cooperated by giving me the name of the lawyer they use. Three of them use the same lawyer.

Good Luck!

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Just now noticed that your post was done way back in 2013. 
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