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Hi.  I just rented to a seemingly "nice" young couple starting Dec 1st.

They seemed very nice then things went negative.

There is a shared space on the premises and he was starting to put in a personal shed.  I said "I am sorry that is not part of the agreement, you must run that by me first, the common areas are for everyone to use but not to store personal property".

Well, he reacted  vert negatively but I figured he'd get over it.  

The next day I thought of an option for the shed. I called him up very very friendly, left a message saying he could put his shed in MY backyard therefore would not clutter up the common area.  I also said if they got an attractive storage bench for the backyard that would be OK.  I also told him I understood his disappointment.

After that I got the rudest phone call ever.  

.  He also said "so many problems were with the unit".  I said "What things?"  Mind you the unit has new flooring, new paint, new refinishings of counter top and bathroom, even new shades.  He wouldn't answer. I said "You said there were problems please tell me what they are now".  He refused to answer.  He was just very reactive.

 I say "I can take care of everything...just let us up there for a walk thru". I offered the walk thru several times.  He ignores.

Finally he says they are leaving because I asked. I did not ask. I just said "I am sorry you are unhappy.  I am not going to force you here."  I just meant they can leave but they must pay up to the next tenant coming.

I said we can work out a new plan if they are not happy.

They are on a  lease.  Did my words ask him to leave? Did they nullify my lease?

The whole thing has gotten so ugly already and they've only been there three days! The unit is beautiful.

What would you do?  I told them they did break the lease, I did everything I could to make them happy and they have refused to talk to me personally.  

Its crazy!


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they have not broken the lease "yet". they are still there. if they move, sue them.  if they do not pay rent, evict them

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Send them a letter explaining they are under lease until xx/xx/xx date.  You are not releasing them from the lease, but will make all necessary repairs, just not any cosmetic issues or requested improvements. 

Further, explain that no tenant can store personal items in shared spaces.  Any storage in a common space would be available to all tenants.  To use it for their private storage is not fair to the other tenants who may want to use that space too.  However, if you want, you could say you have a compromise that would allow them a private storage shed.

I would not consider this option if I were you.  One, this tenant then has permission to enter your yard at any time because his belongings are there.  Do you want him coming over when you are having a family gathering, or a private moment with a significant other?  What if he fills the shed with trash or doesn't empty it when he leaves? 

Two, I wouldn't offer anything to one tenant that you can't offer to all of them.  How many sheds would you have to put up?  You may be accused of playing favorites.

Finally, if they are going to be this much of a pain after 3 days, you may want to just let them go.  Do you want a whole year of this?
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