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Hello....I was recently offered a position as an Apartment Manager. The apartment has over 100 units. The previous owner supposedly had hundreds of violations. The new owner stated that these violations are being taken care of and will be rectified by the end of the year. This position includes a free apartment and utilities and a small but livable salary. Everything seems to be dandy...THIS is what is worrying me. My experience in life has lead me to believe that there is always a catch with something if it sounds to good to be true.... what am I missing here.....What can I expect if I take the leap into this Apartment Management job offer ? The apartment has 80% occupancy.
What will most likely be a typical day for me in this situation?  What demands, challenges and obstacles will I face ?

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Now-a-days Real estate business is booming tremendously all over the world so people like to choose career in this field. There are many online website which provide all details about residential, commercial or rental property management services.

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The property Management rights sales in Australia maintain a library of industry advice, news, events and discussions. We are the leaders in the marketing and sale of management rights, tourism and accommodation properties.
Management rights, Management rights Queensland, 
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