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I already wrote this on another topic but maybe this one is more appropriate.

Here's my dilemma:
I've been a LL for over 8 years and has never had this problem with any tenants. I have 3bd,1 bath duplex that is in the back of my property. you can access it thru the alley way. I have this family of 5, or so they say, that has completed the 6months lease. So far, no talk of renewing another lease or m2m. they are now 12 days into the month and have not paid rent. nor have they even tried to contact me to collect rent. it's always "I need to talk to you" or something. on the lease agreement, they have one dog. now it's two and the new one is very aggressive. they had altercations with the family that resides in the front duplex where the dogs go poo in the neighbor's yards or the dogs run barking into the person's face. Animal control has came out after the third incident. the reason for the second dog was because "they got robbed". they want me to put another light out there but there is a light outside that they never turn on.
I know that one person goes to high school, and two are security guards for a casino, night shift. the mom stays home. but everyday, there are trucks, loaded with junk that comes and empties into the yard. they get things and remove the working things and junk everything else. I had told them before that they need to remove all of this. it's a house, not a landfill. so they will clean everything up and 3 days later, back to the landfill.
My poor house is trashed. brand new carpet before they moved in, cream color is now dark brown. they brought roaches with them and blamed on us. the toilet continues to run bc they replaced the ballcock and it's too big so my water bill is now doubled. they said it's our fault bc we should replace the toilet. i want to change out the ballcock but no one who speaks enough english is ever home, besides having to worrying about two barking dogs in my face while i'm there.
I want them out but my parents are afraid of retaliation.
I need help. any advice is great. thank you for listening to me.

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My father-in-law many years ago said to me (I was just starting out as a Property Manager), "Manage or Be Managed." You, unfortunately, are being managed by your tenants. You need to put your foot down and take control as the landlord. ANYTIME any of your tenants violate the lease or monthly agreement you NEED to take action right away. For example, I assume you gave your permission for the tenant's to have a pet (you should have a separate pet agreement and "conditioned" the tenant as to the kind, size, temperament etc. of the pet). However, when the tenant unilaterally got another pet (for whatever reason-does not matter) you should have immediately taken action to get the tenant to remove it or face termination of their tenancy. Are you getting where I am coming from? Start taking responsible control of your rentals, enforcing rules or the tenants will be ruling you, causing all sorts of numerous problems including good tenants moving out and being replaced by not so good ones. Sorry for the bluntness of this advice, but being a landlord is not a popularity contest.

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