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Hello, I have a tenant for 3 months now, she moves with her boyfriend, they were the actually both in a original contract, to this point because of the baby I told them I will wait for deposit until next 15th of month then they had problems lost baby etc. anyway he moves out this woman start drinking, and smoking inside home (in contract say specifically no smoking inside home) then  I talked to her asking about this matter she got better or she got to go, she begged me she needs this place to live she will not do it again, and she will find a roommate to live with so she can pay me rent, after this she still got drunk a lot neighbors complaint to me, I live next door, anyway, I always turn off my cell phone at nights she left text messages and voice messages begging for help got scared found out she was drunk and she forgot keys inside, how she get inside? you may asked, she broke a window, I didn't talked to her about that yet, but still can see the broken glass in floor. Now I found a water bill in my mail box with 4 months of water no pay.
Do I have a right to tell her to go now???
Please help.

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