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My tenants just left and in my lease, I have the dishwasher and Washer and Dryer listed as loaned to them and their responsbility for repairs and maintenance.

The Dishwasher is a Maytag and probably cannot be repaired as it seems to be the pump and the pump is over $200.00 plus labor would be over the cost of a new dishwasher.

How should I handle depreciation with an older appliance and the disposition of the security deposit?



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1 - That's a weird way of doing appliances. Usually, if it's your appliance and provided by you and included in the lease, you do the repairs and maintenance. If it's in the lease and they signed the lease and therefore agreed to it, that's their decision, but that's a weird way of doing business. One of the reasons people rent is so that they don't have to worry about that kind of stuff. 

2 - How old is the machine? Was it fully depreciated? 

3 - Would you want to buy your landlord a brand new appliance because it was so old it happened to die on your watch? I know you told them it was their responsibility, but it really isn't fair to them to hold it against them. I also doubt a judge would be very enthusiastic about enforcing it. 

4 - If they were good tenants and left the place in good condition overall, I wouldn't bother them with it. Just buy a new one and start doing things the normal way which is you buy, you fix it, and they are only on the hook if they actually caused the problem (not just normal wear and tear from normal use).

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Agree with LL. 

It sounds like it was past its useful life.  The IRS gives you 5 years to depreciate it so I would go by that standard personally.  Unless they caused the issue I would replace it myself.

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