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I am an apartment manager for a Section 42 property in Idaho. I have a tenant that has lived at the property for about 10 years and is well known throughout the company for his "fits".

I have had several encounters with a said tenant, which I will refer to as 306. The first few encounters where rather mild but have slowly progressed be rather volatile and threatening. He has stated he has anxiety and depression issues as well as Aspergers but has never been diagnosed with the latter.

The first incident was 306 had walked behind the apartments and right past my living room window with his dog. His dog was wearing its leash but 306 did not have it in his hand. I issued 306 a written warning stating he was violating the SSA policy that he signed and therefore agreed he understood said rules of the policy. 306 first tried to lie and said he never has his dog off leash. Once I stated I physically saw him through the window he recanted. I could tell he was upset and as the conversation progressed and became visibly and verbally upset. 306 stated he was not aware of rule about animals being off leash and that I was just trying to get him evicted. I calmly explained that was not the case and I would gladly print out a copy of the lease and SSA policy that he signed(just short of 10 years ago) so that he could go through and familiarize himself with the rules. I had only been in the field for about 6 months and 306 used that information to start accusing me of being unprofessional and he strongly felt I would make things up to get him evicted. Stating "you started this, and I will end it". He returned to my office several more times that day and over the course of the next week. Mood changing from remorseful, back to angry, and then back to remorseful. All interactions and conversations in this event have been documented.

Some months later 306 expressed that he would like to move from the third floor to the first as it is getting hard for him to carry his dog up and down the stairs. I informed him that I would place him on the waiting list for a first-floor apartment and would let him know when one became available. Shortly after a first-floor unit became available I spoke with my supervisor about if we did transfers between units as 306 was interested. I was informed that we would not offer him another unit because of the current condition of his. Over the years 306 has allowed his dog to use the apartment as a bathroom and has done a severe amount of damage. 306, who is also on section 8, became upset upon finding out this information. He felt this was discrimination and filed a complaint with Idaho Housing. We take such complaints seriously and called to inform 306 that we would need to enter the apartment and take pictures to show the damage and provide supporting evidence for our decision. 306 became highly agitated and began to yell that he would not allow me to enter the property without being allowed to shampoo the carpet first, stating that his dog does not go to the bathroom in the apartment and I was just trying to evict him. I explained to 306 that we would not allow for this and that he needed to show proof that the dog is no longer going in the house. 306 began to explain that I can not pursue this as he had obtained a cease and desist order from a lawyer. Said order was only relevant at the time of the first occurrence and does not protect him from continued damage to the unit. I explained that by shampooing the carpet he was getting rid of any solid evidence that the damage is not continuing and 306 allowed me to enter and take pictures. A couple days later I had a maintenance supervisor accompany me to take pictures after the carpet was shampooed and there was a visible difference. His dog was barking and growling at my ankles and I kindly asked that he pick up his dog because I felt it might bite me. This must have triggered him as began to say that I knew he was going to be gone that day and I was hoping I could say I came in and the dog bit me. I calmly told him that I was not aware of his schedule and that he was given 72-hour notice we were coming. As the supervisor and myself went to leave 306 rushed up behind us and said we could not write him up for the pet stains and that this better be the end of it. Again, threatening to make sure we ended.

The most recent incident was a verbal altercation between 306 and another tenants guest. 306 was the first to inform me of the incident and provided his side of the story. I explain to 306 that we would need to submit a written statement with as much detailed information possible so that I could follow up and determine the proper action. The next morning I received 306's written statement and several important details of his involvement had been left out. I followed procedure and obtain a written statement from the other party to start an inquiry into how to resolve. Both parties, 306 and the guest were both at fauly for threatening and creating a hostile enviroment. I had explained to 306 that he was in the wrong for egging the guest on and that he should not have engaged and just walked away. Later that day, 306 came into my office accompanied by a mental health worker and wanted to discuss what was going to happen and that 306 felt extremely threatened by the incident. 306 asked if he thought he should get a no-contact order. I told him that I was unable to advise him on that and he would have to make his own decision. He chose to go with the no-contact order and explained that he needs the guest's name. I informed him I am unable to give that information because I don't know it and I can't give him the name of the tenant of who the guest was visiting and I would need to speak to the officer handling the order. I spoke with the officer and gave a brief summary of the information and that the stories were conflicting, which the officer then passed on to 306. 306 called and stated he wanted me to rip up the complaint and just forget about it. Saying he did not want to get in trouble or evicted because the other person was lying. I explained to 306 that it is the procedure to get all information from all parties involved to evaluate the complainant. 306 began yelling over me stating he was the victim and that should mean I believe him and not give the other party a chance to tell their side.

These are just a couple brief summaries of my encounters with 306. He has also said such things as I should just kill myself then since I will have nowhere to live (I did call the police and have them do a welfare check), accusations of being rude for not giving him information he is not entitled to, refusing to leave my office and saying he will not leave until the issue is handled, leaving me with no choice but to tell him I would call the police if he did not. 

I am coming very concerned about this situation because the incidents are getting slowly more aggressive. I have become unease and even paranoid(I live on the property) that he may do something to retaliate against me. I have expressed this concerned with the company that I work for, stating there is a definite pattern and I am concerned for the welfare all persons living on the property, 306 included. Every incident is being "left alone" and I am told to do nothing. Each time 306 is being let off the hook.

Any suggestions on what I can do, or if there is even anything I can do? I am being told not to give him warnings about his behavior or violations and just to be professional and courteous. I am also being told that I can't require him to have a third party present when coming to my office, he is usually koi and more reasonable when there is someone else around. The most aggressive and threatening behaviors happen when I am alone in the office. I have expressed this to my supervisors and again it just gets swept under the rug, showing no support for my personal concerns.

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1 - If it were my tenant, I would probably just end the lease the next time it is set to renew. Maybe give him a very stern warning that certain behaviors are not tolerated and if he ceases all he can stay, but I would just end the lease. In addition, the damaging the unit on its own is justification for ending the lease. It sounds like you have your hands tied behind your back by your bosses though.

2 - If my employer doesn't care about my physical safety or prohibits me from doing my job well (looking out for the well-being of all tenants), I would start looking for a better place to work. It's not worth it, there's always something better out there.

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I tried to end his lease last year by not renewing it, presenting the continuing damage to the apartment, but yet again it fell short and was never followed through on. I am really pushing for something to happen. Just within the last few days he has had another incident with another tenant. I always document these encounters and have talked to local law enforcement. They have suggested to start recording all conversations with him to build a case against him. I know the head office doesn't want to deal with the headache but I deal with it constantly and enough is enough.

I agree with you and feel I need to start looking else where for a new job. I have begun to look but need to secure housing first. I live on site here and am required to vacate my apartment within 2 weeks of terminating my employment.

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I can't imagine you getting any better advice than what LLinVA has already given, but anything is possible. It sounds like you are doing your job; and seemingly doing it very well. Sorry that I can't offer anything further, other than that you deserve better. You'll find it.
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