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Hi Yall,
I've finally found my place and I'm renting out the building I lived in before.  I purchased the 110+ building for 40k...paid it down to 4k, but then got some help from the local Business Development to put a coffeeshop on the ground floor so ended up owing 23k...and a bunch of stuff I don't use for much, anyway.

I was around 17k left to pay off when the polar vortex took out the roof.  On goes a new roof out my pocket......


Any now I have a single mom that wants to move in there and I want to also.  My problem is:
1.  When the roof was replaced there was some step-throughs on ceiling
2.  I did my own electrical....not exactly to code...more like      code?

3.  I did my own plumbing,  rough in to code as the same building inspector passed it last time
4. The breaker box is in the bathroom, but it has been there since the dawn of electricity.... literally.
5.  She (the soon to be renter) told me something about in correct shower head 

Questions I have:
Which WI code states I cannot do the work?  My hopefully soon-to-be-tenant relays to me "I'm going to make sure he has to pay 10 -15 k on this"  I think his landlord friend thinks I stole his landlord friend's tenants.  I did not she ask me if my place was available   I said yes if you fix it up I'll let you renter very cheap. It felt like a good deal for me, her dad is very good with construction

Also any direction on how to traverse the ocean of
Where do they state the regs for electrical and plumbing?....if something like this actually exists. 
I've tried calling the building inspector  few times and no answer to voicemail yet.

Or might have to raise the rent to be able to afford the repairs.
...I was giving her great deal..150 for rent..  Enough to pay taxes really.

Thanks for reading
...and replying



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welcome to Wisconsin, I am a landlord here too. any commercial bldg. (includes rentals) you must use a licensed, bonded contractor for almost anything. You must also get a permit.
a lot of landlords will skip these steps for small repairs, but can get fined if found out.
if you do plumbing or electric (or gas). make sure you get it signed off of (by the proper plumber, electrician, etc) to be safe.
if something happens (fire, flood, etc) on something you did you may be liable to the tenant for all their damage, as well as fines. You bldg. may also get shut down.
I know this is not what you wanted to her, but is the law
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