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I have scoured the internet all afternoon regarding this issue, but all I can seem to find are answers addressing this type of problem in multi family and HOA type settings where one tenant is complaining about another.  In our situation, non-tenant neighbors are making complaints about our paying tenant.

My parents are receiving anonymous phone calls from supposed neighbors of their tenants claiming that the tenants are having very loud parties with up to a hundred guests.  The calls have become increasingly threatening.  Today, my mother told the woman that if she was having issues with the tenants, that she should call the police and the woman told her, "No, I will not call the police.  I will call you and wake you up every single time that they wake me up until you evict them."

My parents have received nothing official to substantiate the claims, and the caller(s) will not give names or addresses. Nobody has provided police reports or formal complaints about the supposed noise and I have been driving by the residence at random times of day and night and have not heard or seen anything unusual at all. 

I should also add that there are three additional residences on the same property behind the house and that my parents also rent, and none of their own tenants have made any complaints at all.

My parents changed their phone number today, which should help alleviate some of the harassment, at least temporarily, but my question is can they be held legally liable in any way for not evicting their paying tenants based on anonymous phone calls?


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I do not believe you can be held liable as there are no formal complaints to base it on............however...........
if you live near your rental, next time there is a complaint, drive by to see yourself, if it is true, give them a 5 day to cure. The next time you can evict.     also do you do a drive by anyway, you should.
if you know that the complaints are without merit, you can call the police for harrastment. they can find out who

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Thank you very much for the reply.  Since changing their number, the harassment has stopped so far.  I spoke to one of the other tenants who lives in an apartment behind the house that is supposedly causing the problems and he said that there have been no issues.  He is a middle-aged gentlemen who lives alone, works full time, and keeps to himself.  My husband also knows him from a previous job where they were co-workers.  I trust that if there were issues he would have been honest with me and told me, because he would have nothing to gain or lose from doing so.

The tenants pay their rent on time and take care of the residence, and they have several young children.  Because of this, my parents are not eager to evict them unless there is a serious problem, which there doesn't seem to be.


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If the phone calls resume, your parents can warn the caller that harassing phone calls may be reported to the police.  Then your parents can follow up by reporting repeat calls to the phone company as nuisance calls and taking further steps if the calls continue.
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