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I am a brand new homeowner as well as a new landlord I purchased a duplex and live in one unit. The previous owner/landlord emailed me a lease from 2001 for the tenant that lives in the other side the tenant paid them no deposit and has no physical lease beside that old 1 year lease in existence.. This guy has been here for years which is good! However he has been giving me issues, to start I hired a management company because I was advised how much trouble this guy has been recently. I had the company post the changes I requested on his door at the beginning of this month and waited to hear from them, apparently he has made no effort to contact them whatsoever (yes he definitely has the notice). He avoids me at every turn and will even go as far as to look at me through his blinds and not answer his door when I knock. He has not paid rent and is 8 days late now and I'm at the point where I'm ready to give him a non renewal notice I don't know what else to do. Since he has no lease, has paid no deposit, and refuses to pay rent can I have him removed? He is essentially just a man living in a space I own. Please advise! I'm at a total loss thanks!

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give, or post. a pay or quit notice. if no payment, then file eviction.
the numbr of days for pay or quit depends on your state

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I would end the lease and move on. A pay or quit notice would give him the chance to pay and stay, which isn't what you say you want. Depending on state, 30 day notice since he should be considered month to month now, and find a decent tenant.

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I agree with LLinVA. Evicting him is the best option here. You can find a decent tenant after that. 

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No pay = no stay. 
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