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Sorry.  I need to whine.

I'm a first time landlord.  My husband had previously been a live in landlord.

A couple of years ago we bought our first 2 family property in the Boston area.  We live in one unit and rent out the other.

The very first tenant we found was through a friend of mine.  Don't worry, my friend and I are still friends.... 

When I met my tenant, she seemed normal.  It was fine at first when she moved in, but then the complaining started....

She complained that the steam heat was too loud so we went out of our way to fix, fiddle adjust radiators so the pings wouldn't happen in the middle of the night.  She complained when our (in my unit) smoke detector went off, sorry sometimes we burn shit.  She complained when we were having repairs done in our own unit, during business hours even though we gave her notice and she works during the day.  She complained the one time when we were overseas on vacation because my next door neighbor did not shovel the snow within an hour after the storm being over.  She complained my dog didn't like her ( I guess he's a good judge of character).  She complained that the brand new kitchen vinyl floor that we installed right before she moved in was too hard to clean.  She complained that the caulking around the kitchen sink and the bathtub was moldy (we updated both rooms right before she moved in) because she can't wipe up water or use bleach to clean.

Did I mention she did all this complaining while my husband was in the hospital sick for almost a year?

If there was a real problem, like a leaking faucet or a running toilet, we tried to get it fixed promptly.  We don't not take care of our stuff.  We live on the property and want it to be well kept.

Anyway, after two years, she is finally moving out early after breaking her lease. She doesn't want to pay for the full 60 days notice that she asked for even though she's the one that wanted it added to the lease. She has always paid up until this point.

She has also been manipulative with things that we've said in passing.  She twists words all the time to her advantage.

I am tired.  I am emotionally drained by this living situation.  I'm thinking of not renting out the apartment after this because I don't want to deal with another pain in the ass.  We don't really need the money.  Maybe I am not cut out to be a landlord.  Or maybe I should just go live in a single family.

Whining over.


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Let her go early without paying the 60 days and say, "Happy you're leaving!"

Then, breathe for a month, make any repairs you need to, and carefully choose your next tenant. The next will be better because you learned. Pay attention to their credit, cleanliness of their car, income, call their last landlord, etc. You will find someone better than you wish this lady was. 

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If you don't really need the money to cover costs, then let her out of the lease without a charge.  It will buy you peace of mind to be rid of her without a hassle.

I wouldn't wait to find a new tenant.  I would try to get it rented before the end of October or you will have a harder time finding a good tenant until early Spring.  Tell her that you will let her out of the lease without a charge but she has to keep the apartment spotless at all times, allow showings with reasonable notice, etc.

That's if you still want to be a landlord.  Don't give up after the first bad experience.  It will get better!

One last thing - call the previous landlord too not just the current landlord.  The previous landlord will be more open about any issues.

AccidentalRental - A profitable resource for new landlords


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I think the mistake we made last time was not calling the last landlord.  I trusted my friends reference.  I guess you learn.

Anyway, we're actively advertising the property.  Anything after September in this area is tough (Boston suburb).  It's tough to find a new place and its tough to rent.  Most renters are on the June or September 1st start date because of schools.

If we don't find someone we'll use the time to make a few more updates.

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Julie, I'm sorry you had to go through this. Actually many people get a bad tenant and want to quit. But if you screen tenants right you will usually not have any problems. So I wish you just give landlording another chance. I would recommend that you report your bad tenant to future landlords at so future landlords to be warned.

We're all on this together.


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Say goodbye quickly. Take the loss but before renting it out the next time, think about putting some things in place so there is not a repeat. For instance, 2 month deposit, pre-screening questions, income qualifications, etc.
Jay Hill
Arkansas Landlord

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My friends been using Naborly to screen his last few tenants and so far so good. Not to mention it's a free service..
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