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You should have DOB & SSN on the application form


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I highly recommend using a very reputable tenant screening service such as by Moco, Inc. They provide state of the art screening services but the best thing is that it is free! At least, it is free to landlords. In this model, the landlord sends the tenant to the site and the applicant initiates the request for the report and pays for it. No cost to the landlord and no contracts with data suppliers are necessary. Once the report is retrieved, the applicant simply gives the landlord permission to view it. The report is not modifiable by the applicant since it remains "in the system" and is only shared with the landlord. This is great for applicants as well since they can see their report before the landlord sees it. Slick, easy and thorough!

Skip Lahti

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So I started using this product called VerticalRent ( that offers FREE credit checks and electronic rental applications. I couldn't be happier with their service. The best part is that it's nearly free. They asked me to pay for a "verification" check, which I had no issues about. It was only $4.95 and it made me feel comfortable that they actually do this extra level of identify checking to ensure safety/security.

Figured I would let people know about it...

Visit: (for landlords - sign up for free today)

Visit: (for tenants - sign up for free today).
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