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I have a new tenant who wanted us to hold the house for two weeks for them. They put $400 down on the house. Then after signing a lease they decided they would move in earlier. I advised we would need to sign a new lease. They agreed to pay the 9 days and start the lease on the first of the month. They had someone go in to clean the carpet, after we had already had it done professionally. The lady found a bed bug. I told them do not move in early, let me get an extermanator out. I immediately began working on that. They did not listen and moved some items into the house. And continued going into the house while it was in the process of being treated. The whole time texting about how they still want to move in. Now, they have decided not to move in, did not give us any notice, and want their $400 back. They have kept keys, they are making threats of calling the health department, and small claims. They are claiming their son got a bacterial infection fromt the bed bugs, which is 100% not possible since they were not supposed to have him in there and according to all .org websites they do not spread disease, but they are still claiming this. I'm wondering if it is not better to give them back the $400 holding fee. Take the lose. I'll still have to go in and clean from where they were in and out. And re-list the house. Losing another 2-3 weeks rent.

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Absolutely do not give them anything back. Deposits to hold apartments should be non-refundable, and I'm hoping you have that somewhere in the lease or a signed agreement. If not, then the choice is up to you to either give them back the money or use that money to pay for the extermination and cleaning of the rental unit to get it rented out again. It's really up to you but, from what you written, it sounds more like they found a place they like better and want to get their money back to help pay the new landlord.
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