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Tenant moved in a week ago, and found some ants in the properties and a can for treating bed bugs.  So I ordered the pest service and bed bug inspection.  The pest company found no active infestation nor activity and found couple possible place in the ceiling for old bed bug feses.  The pest company doesn't think any actions need to be taken.

Tenant wanted to move out. 

What can a landlord rights here and what to do?  Does the landlord need to disclose any previous condition?

The tenant wants all her money back and move out.  They think I should disclose the bug info prior.



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In my experience, the tenant just doesn't want to live there anymore. Maybe they found another place and want to move there instead. Maybe someone offered them a cheaper deal elsewhere. But none of that should matter to you. Did they sign a lease? Because if they did, they should get nothing back. If the pest company says that there's no current issue with bugs (in writing would be nice), then those tenants have no legal round to get their money back.

Of course you can work something out with them, as no landlord wants unhappy tenants. But it shouldn't come out of pocket from you. Let them know that leaving during the lease period without a good reason is a violation of the lease. They can move out if they want, but you keep the deposit because you did everything you were supposed to do. If you want to compromise by giving half of it back then do so, but just know that you have the advantage here, not them. If they take it to court they lose. Keep that in mind.
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