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I have power of attorney for my friends property that she bought recently here in Hawaii.  The owner of the property before made the mistake of renting to someone he did not screen, or even really meet.  The tenant is a Single mother and two children, and a boyfriend who flys over once a month for a short stay, I think. 

We send them 48 hour notice that I am coming to introduce myself as the property manager and address any problems they have.  I go over and introduce myself.  They tell me that they do not want me to fix the stove anymore.

There has been nothing but nasty emails from these tenants.  They complain of a stove leaking gas in the house.  I set up an appointment to go look at it, no one is home.  Oh and yes  previous owner gave the only set of keys to the tenants from hell. 

This is a three acre property with fruit trees and I'm trained in permaculture specific to Hawaii.  So we give them 3 day notice that I'm coming to do a bit of yard work and assess the neglected gardens, etc.  I was there for 2 hours.  When I arrived the gate was locked.  the other two times the gate was open, including when she wasn't there,  oh and by the way, she is accusing me of not showing up at all and that she was there at the scheduled time. lies..
So I walk up to house and ask her to come unlock gate and she acts as if she didn't know I was coming.  I start clearing a bit here and there.  And she decides to clean up her trash out of the yard and go on a dump run while I am there.  While i'm working i notice the water pump running.  The property is off grid, water catchement and solar power..  I investigate and can not find the source of water. I flip the breaker and explain to her when she returns that the pump was running and there may be a leak somewhere..Blank look from her, claims it never happens...ok I say..if it happens again call me right her tank doesn't and partner then pack up to leave....10 minutes later I get a text from her boyfriend....he says I'm never allowed back on there I stole their chicken eggs..left moldy lemons on the deck and did a shitty job landscaping...on and on..then she emails the owner that I left her hose on..I never found the front hose while I was trying to find out why the pump was running...and she breaks the front gate and claims that I did it...all of this was on the 4th. 
She didn't inform us about the gate until the evening of the 5th.  so..i giver her 48 hour notice and go fix the gate she broke, even though she signed a leas that says she is responsible for the front gate.   oh and she claims to have me on her hidden trail cam stealing the eggs.......
more nasty emails...says she has a restraining order against she doesn't and she can't get one....she is basically slandering me to my friend of 10 years, who delivered one of my babies. 

so after I all this I start to wonder..hmm..refusing to allow me on the property...which I now know they can't do.  hidden trail cameras....complaining about a fence she wanted that we never said was there.  in one email she complaied about no "grow hows" i google her bf,  guess what..he is a master weed grower in arizona. on the news even..

I might have missed something but that is a lot of it.

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