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I've been having a problem with two tenants who line one over the other.  The lower tenant has made numerous complaints of noise from her upstairs neighbor.  The upstairs neighbor being a new tenant, I tended to believe the old tenant with this issue.  However, over the last weekend, the downstairs tenant called the police on the upstairs tenant and on the police report, they reported not hearing any noise at all coming from the inside of the apartment. 

With the downstairs neighbor complaining every other day, but the evidence being that she is too sensitive, how can I address this?  

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I would ask the downstairs person for specific events with day/time so you can ask the upstairs tenant about them.  Maybe ask if they can record the noises.   See if its stupid stuff like walking noise, vacuuming and things like that.

I would ask them to not call the police and to call you and you can listen in over the phone.

I don't think its going to go well until one or the other moves though as by now they both are starting to dislike the other.


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Why would you want the tenant to call you every other day about noise?  Too much trouble and drama. Don't want to hear it.  I tell them not to call me about personal conflicts.  Call the police if it reaches a level to disturb the peace or if it is after hours, or settle it as adults amongst themselves, and call me the next day if you had to call the police.  Then provide me a copy of the police report.  If the report shows a disturbance, I act upon it.  If not, it was unjustified in my mind.  Soon the cops (and the tenant) will tire over the unjustified complaining.  Otherwise, PITA tenants will call you everyday complaining about each other.

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