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In my opinion, when someone moves out of a rental property and another person moves in, the only real work that should be done is a good cleaning of the property.
I have a property that a tenant just vacated and the place was left rather disgusting. They had two dogs (only one was authorized on the lease) and not only did the dogs pee all over the carpet but there are several areas that the dogs shredded the carpet by digging and chewing. The tenants tried to cover the spots up by patching in carpet from another area.
Also, the walls in a couple rooms had big greasy stains like they rubbed there heads along the wall (either that or the dogs lied next to it) and I had to repaint the walls.
The house was also thick with smoke odor from cigarettes (which according to the lease, smoking was not allowed inside the premises).
So I'm wondering since this is really the first time I have encountered such a mess after a tenant vacated, how do I figure costs accordingly and deduct this from the deposit?

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Carpet being damaged is definitely not wear and tear.  How old was the carpeting and how long did the unit go between paintings?  If smoking was not allowed in the lease, then removal of the smoke (e.g. washing the walls) is allowed to be taken out of the security deposit as its damage.  Can you get an estimate from a company?
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