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If I'm showing upper of a duplex do I have to tell the lower tennant I'm visiting the property?even tho I'm not going into theirs ?

Also . When a new person does move in to the upper should I tell the lower that someone is going to be moving in

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Not unless you needed to access their unit for some reason. 

Also no need to inform them when someone is moving in unless you need to give specific instructions for move in day (e.g., From 10:00 to 2:00 PM next Tuesday the driveway will be used by a moving van. Please make other parking accommodations.").

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You aren't required to do either (unless access to the upper unit is through the lower unit or something). 

Although not required, I would probably let the downstairs unit know the upstairs is now leased and they will be moving in on such and such date. 
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