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What is my responsibility and rights as a landlord  vs tenants responsibility?

                    I manage a small apartment building in NYC.  They contacted me that the bath room sink was clogged. They have been a long time tenant living there for 4 years. They have been using the bathroom sink and as stated in the lease they rented the apartment as is condition.

                      I advise them to call a plumber and they should take responsibility.  There is no maintenance fee or super since it's a small building. Anyway...was I right to do this? 

                           In any case the plumber they called couldn't make the repairs saying something that the pipes are too clogged. So I called my plumber that I work with but because of scheduling issues it took 3 weeks for the repairs to be made. 

                      On the same day that the plumber made the repairs there was a leak from the bathroom ceiling. This happened after the plumber left. I had to call the guy to take a look but the problem is upstairs regarding the bath tub issues. But the damage was done to the bath room ceiling.

                 I know that I have to make the repairs for the bath room ceilings but the tenants started to threaten to call the building inspection and not to pay rent. 

            As long as I make the repairs I be OK  but I told the tenant that if your not happy just move to another better building. Again the tenant said they will but will not pay rent and want all their security deposit back.

              I know this part is wrong. As long as they are in the premise they have to pay rent. Regarding the security deposit.  Legally if the lease is broken they don't get it back unless if the landlord works something out. I understand the tenant is upset with the damage to the bathroom but I feel that as a landlord I'm trying my best . What do others think?

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