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I would enact rules and terms into the contact that you don't want them smoking in the rental. Also for pets put in the contract that any pets found living on the property could result in an immediate eviction. If this is in writing and they sign it then you will at least be able to take them to court with a pretty good chance of getting money for the damages.

As for the existing odor I would give the entire place a good scrubbing (I know that it's a lot of work and no one wants to do that). When it has been completely cleaned and scrubbed down if the odor is still lingering I would try spraying some Ozium. It is made to eliminate smoke odor and I don't know how big the place is you are trying to clean up but it has worked good for me on smaller areas in getting rid of odor. If your space is big you may need more or maybe they even make a stronger more industrial sized cleaner for purposes like this.

Hope this helps!

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I am not a tenant but most of the time i seen that they are repainting it and call some cleaning services.In Finland there are many tenant do that where they called a siivousliike or cleaning business in order to make everything clean and the removed the odor cause most of the time they are using the best product to make the home smell good and clean.

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We developed a product specifically for what you are experiencing. Works wonders and is quite literally a miracle in a bottle. Patented organic microencapsulation process breaks up smoke, urine, odors, you name it and removes it like it was never there and does it all organically and naturally.
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