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I have a 16unit, 2story apartment complex built in 1956. The problem im having is that many tenants are complaining that you can hear the above and below very easy. the apartments have hardwood floors through out the whole apartment. Does any one have any ideas on reducing the noise?


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Wow, you got yourself a not so cheap problem to fix.  Most homes and buildings are not normally insulated in inside walls and between floors and ceilings, That would be the only thing I could think to do.  I wouldn't tear walls down and insulate and rebuild, but by putting a hole near the top of the wall between rafters and blow insulation in.  I would check to see if your walls are insulated first before beginning a project like that.


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Forget what the person above said.

Since the problem is above/below noise, and you have hardwood, you need to install CARPET and the THICKEST pad they offer to go under it. This will dramatically reduce the noise. The labor on this is commonly around $1 a square foot. If you have had legal hassles and frustration from talking to the tenants, this will be a significant investment in your peace of mind.

Also, padding not only reduces noise a LOT, it makes the carpet last about 4 times longer. You should also add something to your lease about the carpet, and caring for it, and damages, and steam cleaning or whatever protection clauses suit you. Please note: carpet usually lasts 6 years if you take care of it.

Suggestion: find an installer you like, and say that you want to do (one, two three?) units a month until all of them are done. Get the BEST price based on doing ALL of the apts over time. Don't let them do more than one to start so you can see the quality of their work.

BTW, wall  insulation will help with noise, but for upstairs/down noise, your primary concern is carpet (and it's much cheaper to install).

Of course if the noise is booming stereos, some noise will still get through, then you need to enforce your lease concerning noise.

Good Luck

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