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I rented a house out to a couple, they both signed the lease agreement. The lease is over and they were staying there on a month-to-month basis. There relationship went south and one moved out. Do I have to give 1\2 of the deposit back to the one or do I wait until the other moves out and then return the deposit to both. He currently has no plans on moving.

Thanks form New Jersey

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Keep the deposit until the unit is vacated.  Until everyone moves out, you don't return that deposit.  Once everyone is out, then return the deposit in both names that were on the lease.  If she wants her deposit now, she can ask her ex to give her that much money and in return, she can write a letter to you stating she has no claim on the deposit once the unit is vacated.  He pays her and you then return the whole deposit to him alone.


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OK, thats what I thought, I just wasn't sure if I was in the right legally.

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