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Hello all, I am new to this forum and I needed to know more about landlord rights outside the property. My mom is renting out her other house to tenants and she has a garage and a little building that is in the backyard that has some things that belong to her, the house belonged to my grandmother. The home was built by my grandfather and now since both of my grandparents are gone, the house belongs to my mom. I was just wondering if we have to have permission to even walk over there and go in the yard? Like if we need something out of the building that belongs to us, do we need permission? The other tenants didn't care if we had to go over there to get something out of the building and I don't know if its just me or not but there's two end tables that my cousin wants cause she never got anything that belonged to my grandmother after she passed away and I asked the tenant where they were and she said she didn't know for sure and she acted like she didn't want me to go over there and look in the little building. It might just be me, I don't know but sometimes I get this feeling that she doesn't want mom and I to go over there to get something we might need. But I thought that it was ok if we have to go over there to get something out of the building. I know not to go inside the house without permission and we don't do that.

Also, do landlords have rights to tell the tenants to get up the dog poop that's all in the yard? They have a dog and puppies over there and the yard is looking a mess, it hasn't been mowed yet. My mom isn't able to mow it cause of her age and the tenant said he would take care of it when they moved in so I am hoping they will get a mower but as for the dog poop, it's everywhere. I was just wondering landlords have rights to tell them to remove the poop from the lawn.

We are new to renting and we just wanna know what rights we have. I have looked online about the rights of entering the home. But this is just the outside, the yard. And what my mom owns in the yard and if we have rights to go over there to get something if we need. Thanks.

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Hi, let me make sure I understand the problem before answering. Let me know if I'm getting anything wrong:

1) Property consists of house and a shed in a yard. House is rented to the tenants, but you're not sure if you can enter the yard to access your stuff.

2) You're not sure who has the responsibility of mowing the lawn, although the tenant said he would do it. 

3) Due to the tenant's pets, the dog poop is all over the lawn.

Assuming that these are the problems, I'll answer them the best I can:

1) This depends on what was rented in the lease and what kind of rights the landlord reserved for herself. If it was just the house, you should be able to access the yard. However, dividing property this way is quite rare, so you might have pursue other solutions. You should try to get the tenant's permission.

2) This should have been included in the lease. You could modify the lease to include this provision if its not already in there.

3) Tenants have the duty to keep the property as you leased it out to them, although this is balanced by the landlord's duty to keep the residence livable. Given that the dogs belong to them though, the burden should be on them to keep the property clean. This should be in the lease; modify the lease if its not in there already.

I am not a lawyer. Please see a landlord-tenancy attorney for legal advice.
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