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We're looking to get the over fireplace mount as we have a 50" flat panel tv that we would want to tilt down but to also have the option to turn it ~90 degrees to the right to watch in bed.

However, the YouTube Installation video seems to point out that it requires 8cm to be drilled into the wall:

We've already drilled things into the walls before but they were to hang up a 4x1 dynamicmounting Expert unit (that has extra support frames to help hang it up)

We plan to stay in our place a couple years but after leaving, we would have to take everything down and fill in all the holes, so we're not concerned about that.

We're just worried that 8cm seems like a lot to drill, does anyone have any experience with over fireplace mount tv wall? Or know of any way to find out the thickness of a wall? It's the wall that joins to the neighbors flat. We live in an apartment building that was probably built in 1975. The walls don't seem that thick (we can hear the neighbors easily).

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I expect the instructions have not been updated since the new flat screen TVs were invented.


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There should be plenty of options and advice available for you. Given that the internet is the best source for your information, the information can be so debated that you would probably rip your hair out in frustration. Best thing to do, consult a professional or the owner of the apartment for the best possible solution.
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Careful when tapping the screws and bolts not to puncture the chimney liner.
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