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Sorry this is long, but I hope you will read for advice. 

I have home that I rent a room. But the common door to my home part of the house dad to be walled off after first incident. Since that incident I have also added bars to windows and alarms. He has no access to my part of the townhouse. We both have sliding glass doors off the 20x20 patio we share which is his main entrance. He has lived with me 4 months. The cops have been here for 4 times for various reasons in those 4 month. His first week here I could hear him talking loudly through one of the walls that connect to another room. I figured he was on the phone. I am disabled physical/mental disabilities(don't hear voices, nor am I paranoid), he has physical issues and walks like an epileptic, but is not epileptic. I am hearing this go on for hours. The common door between his room and my part of the house has been looked/padded with styrofoam and a large peace of plywood covering my side of the door. His door to him just, that looks like a locked door and I have a large ficus and tv stand in front of it (I rent room furnished). 6 yr of renting I never encountered anything problems til now, nor knew they could exist. This was like 1am, so I got curious and listened closer. I started to get scared cuz it sounded like he was moving the stuff away from that door on his side. I could hear him trying the door knob. My anxiety and fear being an older gal that lives alone, started skyrocketing. What is he doing?!?!?!?!? Well the next thing I heard was petrifying. He was trying to take the hinges off the door. I grabbed my purse ran out front door, locked myself in my car and called 911. Many cops show up. They talk to him and said he was definatley on something. But didn't know if it was his box full of meds or not. I asked can't you take him to be evaluated for the night. I was scared to death to stay in the same place but had no choice. They said they couldn't do anything. So off they go. Later I thought, why couldn't I get him for trying to break in. (I don't think the cops had the jist of how the door was blocked on the other side and maybe though he had free rein to the house which I explained this all to them that he didn't. They were kinda jerks - guess you have to be hurt first. A few crack ho type looking gals came once in a while or a guy but he said they were his friends.

The second time he must have been on his down slope and turned his phone off and computer as he said he had been hacked and had all sorts of paranoid things going on. Anyway a normal friend that kicked him to the curb I think for the same crap, couldn't get a hold of him and call the cops for a welfare check but didn't give me a heads up. Next think I know there are 4 cops at my door. Anyway they check him, he is fine they leave.

The Third time was I had a trip to MN to go to for 2 weeks, almost canceled due to afraid what they would do to my part of the home. This time while I was gone, I had a neighbor keeping real good tabs on my property and renter while on property. One day at 5 am neighbors dad heard several people on my patio talking and smelt a burnt smell (when I am home patio was never used by him or guest, they went in his small room and closed the blinds. Around 7-8am my renter witnessed my renter hitting his own car with his cane (renter is 56). At 1pm neighbor called the cops as for about 3 hrs he heard this low moaning and groaning but wasn't sure what it was. I think he finally actually peeked his head over the common patio wall at this time to see my renter laying on the ground. Cops/Firetrucks/Ambulance came and he was in hospital for 5 days with head swelling and one side of him was really burnt. Still don't know the story of how he got in that condition. I live in AZ so he could have died there too from heat stroke. Again this is while I am on vacation in early September.

Here is another bad incident! He has been here 4.5 months. It is Wednesday the 20th of Oct. Because of my disabilities I go to bed late and sleep late til like 11am. Because of meds I am on I am groggy for an hour or so after waking up. If I have to ever do anything early in the morning, my brain basically is numb until it gets focused, so early is out for me. So here I am sleeping soundly and I hear a strange noise. Thought maybe it was a helicopter cop talking down to someone on ground as I have seen this a lot in my area. BUT, it seemed louder than that and like it was coming from the patio. So in my confused half sleep state go to peek thru my blinds on the patio. As I approach my blinds I hear my name over a loud speaker thinking what the heck. I peek thru blinds and see my back gate is wide open and a black cop suv angled about 20 ft from it. They told me to come out with my hands up! I think I am dreaming. So I open my door and they tell me walk towards the gate and keep my hands up. When I get to the gate (outside my patio is one of those large garbage bins with a 5 ft brick wall around it). I get to my gate and all down both sides of trashcan and hiding behind cop suv's are cops holding guns (I would say 15). But the WORST and most traumatic after the fact as I was half aseep/confused. As I get to my gate opening and look straight out of it, there is a cop sniper and his rifle purched on that trashcan block wall pointing right at me. He couldn't have been more that an suv length away from me. They had me move to the left, then turn around  and face the wall, all while yelling at me to keep my hands up in that loud microphone. I am the squeekiest clean person you have ever met. Then to walk backwards towards them. When I get to the cops I am walking backwards, cop grabs my one arms and brings it down behind my back like he is going to cuff me. Then he let go. Thank god, I would have freaked out at that point. I think I was in such shock and tramatized that I couldn't even see the faces of the cops as my stress just blurred them out. Then the cop standing on the other side of me asked if there are any guns in the house. I said no, I was sleeping. So 4 cops do the shoulder holding chain thing and go into my townhome and renters room swat style. I look over towards the end of all the other cops and I see my renter. I asked the cop next to me "is he hallucinating again?" He gave me a strange look. I told him I had a bad incident his first week here and they were called for that too. He asked if he did drugs and I said I believe so but have no proof.

So anyway, They cops come out and find every thing clear. They are kinda jerks. I mean scare the crap out of an innocent older gal and not show the least bit of compassion knowing how this could affect me. Hell anyone! Anyway I know they were just doing their job. The officer was asking for all my information and I asked what was this all about? He said that the renter had texted someone saying people were in the house with guns. So that person called the cops. So they had to treat it as a home invasion. I was very calm surprisingly, but I think because I wasn't able to think clear at all. But, it really hit hard last night.

The renter text me soooo sorry. I told him I can't handle any more of this and he needs to be out immediately. He said he would be out as soon as possible. When he isn't acting weird he is really a nice guy.

What do I do at this point if say he isn't gone in a few days to a week and just stays? He pays his rent on time, doesn't destroy anything but my sense of security, not to mention he cost me a ton of money I really didn't have. I had a wall put up over the door on the renter side so no one could ever think they could get through there or even look like there would be a door there. I put bars in a large window of mine that is right by the renter sliding door. Bought break glass alarms. Had me so scared at the beginning and I kinda got ok again, then this. 

I am just renting that room as I need the extra income being disabled. If the renter does leave and does clean his room which I think he will. Can I keep any of the deposit for having to secure myself because of him. It cost me about $700 and his deposit is only $300. I will be getting police reports and any video regarding the first and last situation.

But I also want to know how properly remove him if he ends up not leaving. I try to read all the Landlord/Tenant ACT, but sure could use someone to help with how to handle this situation. Thank you so much for anyone who will help to advise me.

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