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For those of you who have or had a single unit / property I was wondering if in-between tenants do you do the cleaning and painting or do you hire somebody?

The tenants are required to clean the unit in a professional manner to make it as clean as or as close to the condition it was when they moved in. Of course there is wear and tear which is normal, but I was wondering how much better does a professional cleaner do that we can't do ourselves oh, you know what I mean?

And if the place is in good condition do you still completely repaint the whole unit or just freshen up certain walls?

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I don't clean.  We can't charge for our own cleaning in this area.  (Judge thinks it is part of being a landlord!)  But if we hire someone to do cleaning beyond wear & tear, it is perfectly fine to deduct reasonable charges.  Whether a company would do a better job of cleaning would probably depend on how much effort you would put into cleaning it.

If the place is in good shape, I'd try to clean any spots on the walls first.  Then touch up paint if necessary.  Don't repaint a whole unit unless you need to.

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We just go in a knock it out. We keep the same paint code. We do not have carpet in any of our rentals. We do not like Mold and mildew. Carpets tend to hold lots of it.
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Thanks for the response. I'd likely will be doing the painting myself it's a two bedroom two bath condo and it's a great shape so I doubt every wall needs to be painted. I don't like to have carpeting either but unfortunately because my unit is an upstairs one the HOA does not allow any hardwood flooring.
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