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Tenants just moved out after 2 years. The paint was fresh when they moved in, but I now have to paint the entire house. Every room has a crayon scribble on at least one wall, and hand prints and smears on all of the others. (See photos below.) Cleaning will not get it off, not even a magic eraser.  It is unreasonable to charge them to paint the house? I certainly do not paint my own house every 2 years (more like every 10!) so I feel like this is above normal wear and tear.  Should I charge them the full amount I am paying the painter, or like maybe 75% since some of it might be considered "normal wear and tear?"  I anticipate we will have to take these tenants to court for damages above their security deposit and unpaid rent, so I am trying to be very careful in what I decide to charge them for to make sure it will hold up in court.

Lovely drawings:

Dirty, DIRTY walls (the pictures don't do it justice!):

Thank you!


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You'll never get 10 years from paint in a rented unit, no matter what kind of paint you use!  That isn't realistic. Tenants don't care for the place as if its their own.   Plan on painting every 3 or 4 years.  I plan on every 3 years.  The price of having rentals.  So having to paint after 2 yrs, I would charge the tenant for 1/3 of the paint and labor.
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