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Hi....I'm a renter actually and I had a question. I lost my job recently and am unable to pay rent at my college house. I got a new job but the money isn't coming in fast enough and I was wondering if my landlord (who I have an excellent relationship with) would go for a payment plan where I end up paying him 150% of what I owe over twice the time? Would you as a Landlord? Basically I owe $800 over the next 2 months and I was offering to pay $200/month for 5 months + forfeit my security deposit ($400) so that he walks away with at the very least $1200-$1400 for not evicting me? I would greatly appreciate any constructive comments or advice. Thank you!

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You really need to talk to your own LL as everyone is different.  Some rely on the tenants rent to pay the mortgage that month and some are a little better off and can work with you like you want.

It all depends on their situation as no one rents just to be a LL as its not easy, its for the $ and/or help paying off their property.

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If I were your landlord I would decline, and start an eviction process.  A landlord's life is full of bills.  A landlord cannot afford to help you with your finances when his business relies on your steady and reliable payment.  
Dusty Fuller
Utica, Ny
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