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I have a tenant that is allowed to have a dog and has paid a pet deposit, though not enough.  The dog is digging up a 30 year old tree and has dug up and killed an orange tree which has already been removed.  It has also dug under the foundation to the duplex and exposed pipes.  I want the damage to stop and do not want to loose the tree. Can I raise the pet deposit?  Can I request the dog be properly trained? or,  can I evict?  I don't know what to do nor what my options are.  Help!

Thank you,

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Peggy, you are permitted to notify the tenant of the damage the dog is doing and let the tenant know that they will be responsible for any damages in excess of the pet deposit they paid.  Mention that the dog has already killed one tree for which they will be charged.  (You have a reciept for its removal, right?)  Tell the tenant that they must keep the dog from doing any more damages.  I'm sure your lease and the state law has a clause about not damaging the property.

As for the tree and the foundation, I would submit a notice to the tenant that you will be entering the property to do repairs.  Then go in and put up a fence around the tree, several feet from the trunk and fill in the dog's hole.  Around the foundation, fill in the hole and place square 18" concrete pavers around the foundation areas he digs.  (You can later pick up and remove these pavers after the tenant moves out and use them for a garden path or something.)

Personally, this sounds like a large dog and I wouldn't want it on my property.  Is the tenant still under lease or on a month to month agreement now?  If a lease, give notice that their lease may not be renewed due to the damage their dog is doing to the property.  If on a m2m, I would give 30 days notice to terminate the agreement and vacate the premises.  I'm afraid that no matter what you do, that dog is just going to find another place to dig a hole.  Next time it may be under the fence.  Some dogs are like that.  If this dog is full grown, it may be too late to train him not to do this damage.

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are you sure it is a dog and not a back hoe

seriously though, you have a dog that dig up a 30 year old tree?

You need to send notice to the tenant that if the dog does not stop digging they need to get rid of it or move because it is causing damage.

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if this pet is damaging property, then I'd set boundaries & stand firm. confrontation is a must here, & u need not B a doormat regarding this issue. u have rights as an owner, & u can excersise those rights. u can consider having the tenant pay 4 the damage & finding the dog a new home. u can even consider whther or not this is serious enough 2 ask the tenant 2 move.


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It is possible to request your tenant to supervise the animal while they are outside? Maybe he/she can put the dog on a leash and try to stroll somewhere away from the garden.

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I agree with OHlandlord on all accounts...  I'm surprised you let it get this far!  I would start fixing these problems ASAP because the cost to repair may exceed the damage this dog is doing.  

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Pets, their one of those things. I've had some who were perfectly fine and some who basically destroyed apartments. Insist that the dog be kept on a lease while outside that keeps it way from anything it can damage. Definitely charge them for it. Their dog damaging the property is no different then if they had run a car into it and damaged it that way. Good luck.
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Hi dear am new here and i want to say that if this pet is destructive property or house, then I'd set limitations & take a position company. conflict is a must here, & u need not B a door mat regarding this problem. u have privileges as an proprietor, & u can excersise those privileges. u can consider having the renter pay 4 the destruction & discovering the dog a new house. u can even consider whther or not this is serious enough 2 ask the renter 2 shift.

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I think you should need to do that so that your dog will learn more and never create a damage in your village.

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It is sad when a dog resorts to digging this badly. My guess is he is left outside, not exercised and neglected. People that keep their dog outside giving them minimal or no attention should not have a dog in my opinion. With proper care the digging will cease. By the way, it is against the law to leave a dog unsupervised on a leash over 3 hours. 
About me:
I am a new landlord of 4 houses I inherited. I also rescue dogs from shelters that have come from situations such as this or worse to find them good homes.
Animal care is a huge issue here and I would discuss this with my property manager before taking action. 
I realize I have a lot to learn about real estate law but responsible animal care could very well help resolve this issue of destruction.

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I think they need to pay for the damages and let them know they must put a leash on their dog.
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As most of the landlord do, give a warning at first. If the issues still continue, then talk about it with the tenant and sort of the solution. Most of the times, warning only solves the problem.
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