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I have lived in my apt. 8 yrs. w/3 cats & 1 dog. I pd. a pet deposit then & have my receipts. Now 8 yrs. later I rec'd a Notice to Perform or Quit Breach of Covenant to "get rid" of my pets, that the owner, property manager and resident mgr. have known about all these years. They all said it was o.k. since I paid my deposit on the pets. Now they want me to "get rid" of them. Nothing was put into writing about keeping the pets but these people knew and also I pd. my pet deposit. They have accepted rent all these years too. What can I do? Thanks




Wow-I hope everything was OK with this.

If you haven't been to court yet-just GO and show your orignal paperwork and receipts for the pet deposit.


You have a legal rigth to keep the pets until you receive valid notice of a change in lease. Then you will have the option of getting rid of the pets or moving out. However, if other tenants are allowed pets, then the change must bv sent to all of them.

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