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I had a Section 8 tenant who was a true PITA.  In 6 months, she had 24 lease violations.  She refused to keep the trash off the porch (dirty diapers - too lazy to take them to the trash can!), wouldn't keep the trash away from the house (maybe she likes bugs?), stored car tires on the front porch, had a crack-head boyfriend (overheard them talking about buying that 8-ball), refused to clean the lint trap on the dryer (maybe she was a fire bug too?), her guests parked in everyone else's spot (to work on their cars, no less), failed to report a break-in to my shed ("had other things going on in my life & I just forgot" - nothing was stolen, but her items suddenly now were stored in my shed!), refused to mow/rake/pick up the yard, and had guys moving in & out continually without reporting any of them.  On top of that, her ex-felon son kept hanging out there in between being charged & going to court on receiving stolen property, stealing a car, fleeing & eluding, leading police on a chase, having a loaded concealed weapon, & DUI (still underage).  She ran off other people who would look at the other units in the building by telling them terrible things about the building (all untrue).  When I finally got her out by threatening to evict her, I found she had broken half the blinds, put a cigarette burn on the new bath vanity, had 1/2" holes all over 2 Bedrooms (plaster & lathe walls), burn marks on the hardwood floor of the LR, and 8 burned holes in the brand new carpet of the master BD.  Two days after she left, she called me saying she had "accidentally" taken my curtains and now wanted to give them back to me (what, didn't they fit the windows in her new place?)  What do you bet she calls next week asking when she will get her security deposit back?


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Makes you think some times abortion is a good thing? Granted safe sex would be best for those types, but problem is that means being responsible and taking money away from teh crack.. musn't do that, just keep on breeding, breaking, probably killing, being a burden on society, and I would ad taking up aseat in class. But I highly doubt they even took up a seat in class past second grade.


Sounds a lot like the tenant's I had in 72 dana (take your pick which ones), I painted 72 side I think 3 or 4 times in a little under 2 years with decent paint (the paint wasn't the problem, problem ws scum for tenants..)


I always wonder why people choose to be so worthless, I mean if they stoped to think about it if they quietly over dossed on drugs while sitting in a trash can with a note telling the garbage collector it's ok I just wanted to do society a f avor, so would you mind hauling me off with the rest of the waste..


I honestly don't know what to do with the lower income  property, yes I have one duplex in bottoms that has one good tenant and one so/so (needs to clean inside more, and get the lazy no job having family out). But dana has eluded me in that the houses around it are dumps (cept for the two or tree that are privately owned) and the best I have ever got for a tenant has always belonged in the trash or nex to it.. 


My thought process on such is this they know the court system is lousy, they know section 8 is slow and doesnt support the landlords. More often than not some one in the unit un authorized occupant/tenant has been through the system and will stand on the porch, not paying rent, tearing the place up, and tell me to go f myelf. And I can't threaten them with the police (I have tried it, the best I got was mildly cooperative, but once the police left back to playing hide and go f myself!), and filing eviction is a waste of money on a slow system that I probably won't get my money back, and to top it off if I violate the laws and throw the dead beats out/change the locks

 I'm apt to get shafted by the friggen prosecutor.. But hey the prosecutor didn't do a thing on the roughly $6,500 of damages an unauthorized occupant did to 72 dana..YEs I had pictures, yes I showed reciepts, yes I filed a police report, yes I wasted roughly 3 hours of my time with the worthless intake person..


MY thought is avoiding renting in lower class areas because there is more than apt no threat to the dead beats not to tear the place up to not throw trash in the yeard and so on..At least with semi moderate income areas I am thinking since they have some stuff, a job, and might want some thing for their future (other than raising more kids for the welfare system and prison system) they might ten to be a better rent.

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