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I have property in Stockbridge, GA.  I don't provide washer and dryer, but I do provide hookups.  My lease contract states that the tenant is responsible for the appliances. 

I was just informed that the exhaust pipe for the dryer is clogged "all the way" and the tenant wants me to fix it.  As far as I know dryer exhaust pipes get clogged up because people don't remove lint from the lint tray.  Am I responsible for fixing it?  If it happened for a different reason, am I responsible for fixing it, given what my contract says?  Will appreciate any thoughts. Thanks.

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Unless your tenants were somehow negligent in using the dryer or hooking it up improperly it would be your responsibility. Are you certain there was no clog prior to them using it? 

If there was no clog before and you know they haven't been cleaning the lint trap then they are probably at fault.

I once had a foreign tenant who was unfamiliar with dryers.  They went almost 2 years without ever cleaning the lint trap.  They complained the dryer stopped working.  It was just a clogged vent.  

Even if they are at fault though, I wouldn't charge them for the repair.  It's an easy fix and they were probably unaware (maybe they've never had a dryer of their own?).

Pick up a dryer vent cleaning kit[image] from Amazon and clean out the lint trap area and the duct behind the unit.  Then show them how to clean the lint trap.

Next time it's on them.

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The vent is yours, you provided it, so it's on you. However, it is like a toilet in that if they cause the problem, it's on them. As stated, I wouldn't charge them (at least not the first time), just explain what caused it and what they have to do. If it keeps happening more often than it should, then charge them.

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I know from my own experience that dryer vents regularly clog even when you clean your lint trap after every load. The micro stuff gets through the screen.

I can't say whose responsibility this is. It is a serious fire hazard so we landlords should inspect those vents annually. You might want to write into the lease that tenant is responsible for keeping the vent clear.

This is the same issue as who is responsible for keeping a/c filters changed out.

Mark A Weaver
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