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I am new to renal property I have had very little problems in the past until this new tenant.
She is on a 3 month lease ending October 12th,

The Lease goes to a month to month after that, This tenant has been problematic would be a nice way to put it as such i dont really want to continue after the 12th what do i need to send her to say i dont want to initiate that month to month option? i know that what ever i send she is going to cause trouble so im more than likly going to have to go down the eviction road.
Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Oh im in Michigan if that makes a difference.


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Hi Nivets.

Where you do business makes a HUGE difference.  You need to read up on your local laws and talk to a lawyer if this is your first time.

Does your lease specify when/if notice has to be given?  A quick review of the MI laws already has my head spinning.  I can't tell if you need to give 30 days notice or if you can just let the lease lapse.  (Don't collect another rent check after the lease expires by the way).  Either way, if she holds over, you need to start the eviction process via a 7-day Notice to Quit.  I think this is the relevant law.   

If I were you, I would send her a polite letter ASAP stating you will not be renewing the lease and making it clear she needs to be out by Oct. 12. Give her all of the details regarding your expectations of the move out (returning keys, cleaning, etc.).  If she doesn't respond or causes trouble, talk to a lawyer so you don't unintentionally renew her lease for another 3 months!

Good luck and keep us posted so we can all learn!  Thanks.

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As stated, it depends on local law and the lease. If the way that notice needs to be given isn't specified in the lease (or conflicts with local law), local law determines it. So, if your lease states that 30 days is required, you need to give notice asap. This may be for 30 days from now, but might 30 days before the end of the first month-to-month period. 

Since it sounds like your lease is set up to switch to month-to-month, not doing anything will almost certainly switch it to month-to-month. 

Your best bet is to sit down with a lawyer. They will be able to look at your lease and tell you what needs to be done and when. If she is this bad, it sounds like you will need to do things perfectly in order to not set yourself back. 
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