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I own a condo unit in CA and recently (a month ago) had a new tenant move in. I live in the unit as well. He found a bed bug about 3 weeks in to his stay so I called an exterminator. I was not home when the exterminator arrived, but apparently he said enough to have my tenant want to move out for unlivable conditions. I agreed because hey, bed bugs suck. I am paying for the treatment of the unit completely and allowed him to move out with about one week's notice. He also said the exterminator told him the bed bugs have been there at least 6 weeks, so he couldn't have been the one to bring them in. I'm taking his word for it. The issue is he is leaving several things behind, claiming he doesn't want to move them in fear that they are infested - mattress, rug, a tv, a mini fridge, a giant painting, and other assorted things. I understand this, so I told him he could come back after the treatment to move them. He refused saying he does not want to take any chances. He has already moved out and I refunded his deposit fully, going on his word that he could not have brought them in (though I disputed this for an hour or so with him saying if I am going to dispose of those items, I would deduct his deposit. He argued saying the bed bugs were not his doing, so all responsibility falls on me and he shouldn't have to pay anything). If this is true (the bed bugs were there before he moved in), is it also my responsibility to dispose of his furniture on the 'possibility' that there may be some bugs left over on these items even though I am already getting and paying for the treatment? I am still living in the unit myself without any problem. I have not personally seen any live bed bugs (I found 2 dead ones, though). I have checked all mattresses to the best of my ability. I am not disputing that there are bed bugs (he showed me the one he killed himself), but I don't think that it is anywhere near 'infested' and with treatment, believe it will be fine. I will of course confirm all this with the exterminator that comes for treatment and get a checkup afterwards. But if I get the all clear, I am unsure if I should be saddled with this furniture on the off chance that maybe something remained. Thank you for your help!

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Get the services from exterminator as soon as possible because the more you are going to delay the more more bugs are going to grow and that will be trouble for you.This too happened with me.due to some important work I could not hire professionals on time and faced lot of problem then it was solved by Pest Control Stratford CT .

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John's right. There might be a few bedbugs, but if you don't find the nest and kill them till the last one, nothing but an experienced bedbugs treatment specialist would help. They're small enough to crawl here and there and hide from you. So, don't delay it. If there's no problem with bedbugs, the experts would tell you so. 

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Hello, I think that it is quite possible! My friend do same actions as you, and after few days he found the red spots on his body, they decided that they were bedbugs! Then they use the spray which he found here ( it is instruction abou "how to kill bad bugs" ) idk where he found this topic, but it's useful way! I hearing about traps, but i think they work less then spray! The choice is yours! In my case, i better i buy a new furniture ( my opinion )! Good Luck!
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