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We bought a property in another country, and decided to spend a year there, while renting out our very large home. 

We rented 4 of the 5 bedrooms to a contracting crew here building a business. The 5th ( Our master suite) we rented to a co-worker of mine. The house was fully furnished. He was to somewhat 'manage' the property water the landscaping, plants, and make sure lights got turned off, keep an eye on maintenance, etc.  In exchange, he got a great deal on rent, and paid no utilities. We had a cleaning person in every two weeks, to keep on top of floors, and bathrooms. 

We moved our personal items into the mother in law apartment attached to our garage. 

We came back every 90 days. On multiple occasions , on the weekends, we noticed several juvenile boys ( 10-14) entering and exiting the home. The contracting crew was only there Monday - Thursday, going home on the weekends.  The front door and all bedroom doors are passcode protected. From the adjacent apartment, it appeared the 'caretaker' was subletting the rooms on the weekends. Lights on, in what should be empty rooms, etc. We approached him, and he denied subletting.  He then moved a man into his own room, but he was just 'staying there for a day or two. 

A few months in, he texted asking to adopt another cat, because his was about to die. We declined, and told him we had not known he had a cat until after he had moved in, and we did NOT want pets to begin with.  

We were notified by neighbors that the tenant always had young men in and out of the house. 12-16 year olds. They were very concerned for the welfare of these boys, as our tenant is a mid 30's. gay male. We were aware of the boys, but not what happens once they entered the house.  The contracting crew never said anything when asked, nor said they saw anything. 

After 14 months (a two month extension) the contractors finished up and moved out of our furnished home. The other tenant did not. He messaged us asking if he could rent the rooms- but we already knew we did not want him in our home any longer. We let him know we would be coming home, and that we would be reoccupying our home. My husband and son went back immediately, rented out the apartment attached to the garage, moved back into the house, and  then occupied the private back room, because our 'tenant' was still in the master suite. 

My husband noticed, on multiple occasions, strange people coming and going. 

I arrived home a month later. One afternoon, we were standing in a downstairs room when we could hear a baby crying upstairs. Our tenant was at work. I knocked on the door, and called his name. No answer. The baby quieted, and I went back downstairs not knowing what to do. About 15 minutes later, 2 people with a car seat come out of the tenants room and head downstairs and out the door. Gone before I could ask any questions. It was the same man the tenant had said was only staying a few days. 

I served him written notice of 30 days. I told him we were going to be selling. He begged to move into the private back room. He said he couldn't get a place with a cat. He didn't have the money to move. He has terrible anxiety and needs at least 4 months to find a place. Etc, etc.  I told him maybe we could go 60 days, but no longer. 

We had stayed crammed into the private back room with our nine year old son, rather than having our nine year old go back upstairs to his room next to the master,  because we do not trust his interest in children. The private back room is very quiet. 

This week, my husband, son, and I moved into two of the four, large upstairs rooms. The tenant is still occupying the master suite (its 300 sq ft w/attached large bathroom). 

This morning, our tenant left for work. 

In my underwear, I went to go downstairs into my kitchen for coffee, and I pass the open door to the master suite. I see a maaaaaybe 13 year old boy, getting out of bed and pulling his pants on. I scramble back to my room to get dressed, and come immediately back out as the kid slams the front door and takes off down the road. 

I message the tenant asking who the kid is. He claims its one of the students that are helping him with a fundraiser project, it got late last night so he just stayed over.  I again reminded him, that only he has only rented ONE room, and with us home now, we did not want people in our home without him there.  He said no problem. Again. 

My question is- If something is happening to these young boys, are we liable? Can their parents sue us? 

and how can we get him out if he wont leave?? We never had a rental agreement with him. Only the contractors had a lease. 

I do not have ANY paperwork for this 'renter, aside from the 30 days, which he is now past, with no indication of any intention of moving. 

Aside from telling us how naive, stupid, idiotic we are- does any one have any advice/experience with this? 

amaya goodun

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Anyone can sue for any reason. A judge finding you liable would be a different story. If you had reason to believe that something illegal was going on and you did nothing, then they would at least have a case.

Tell the police everything you've seen. Tell them exactly what you saw, times, ages, etc. Let them take that part over. 

As for getting him out, you need to move forward with an eviction. In Virginia, since you already gave the termination of lease and he has stayed over, it would mean filing with the court to get a hearing for the eviction. Act now, all states take time, some take WAY too much time, so you need to get that process started ASAP. Also, it is probably worth it, in this case, to talk to a lawyer. If you aren't used to doing this type of thing, it can be easy to make one little mistake that requires you to start the whole process over again. In addition, based on what you've said about this guy, he shouldn't be in your house since you have a son and that may actually help you get him out faster. 

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 No written agreement ? Very na├»ve and foolish! Unknown young people coming and going ?  Pedophiles ? SQUATTERS ? You need these people out .If you have accepted rent they may  have rights as tenants and   you definitely need the help of an expert  That could be a lawyer ,property manager or hard nosed experienced landlord   
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