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I have out-of-state tenants, one of whom has decided to take postage out of her rent.  Is this legimate?  How can this be resolved?



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Tell the tenant she may not do this.  It is her responsibility (not yours) to pay her rent.  That includes gas if she pays in person, postage if she pays by mail, check or money order charges if she pays by those methods, etc.  Remind her that she may not deduct postage from electric, gas, or water bills,  Why would she think that she could do so from her rent?  Let her know that any such deductions are not legit and she must make up the deficit immediately.  If she refuses, let her know that future rents that are not tendered for the full rent amount will be rejected and returned.  Court action will follow.  You do not accept partial rents.


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If she has a bank account, have her pay with her bank's Bill Pay service.  Banks don't charge her for mailing the payment.  It's how I pay all my bills.

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I have found that if the bank mails the check, you should have the tenant tell the bank to mail it a few days early.  Typically the bank mails it from their home office, which can be in another state.  These checks often arrive late.

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