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I have a tenant that wants to rent from me for 3 months to "get some space" from her husband who owns a horse farm and house up the road. She's OCD (their words) and its causing marital problems after 20 years of marriage.

Her husband prepaid all 3 months of rent and flat rate utilities ($1200x3) and provided a $900 security deposit as well. They both signed the 3 month lease. He said "She has no credit" (just recently became a us citizen) after 20 years on a green card and he doesn't want me to run his for some reason. He provided a 2014 tax report and he netted just shy of 60k. They both provided drivers license for positive ID and I ran a background check for the state of Maryland. Nothing showed up on either.

They've already paid in full so, really, why care about a credit check?

It does convert to a month to month after the 3 months. Should I insist on credit check at that time before it converts or strike that clause out and just close out the lease after 3 months.
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